Professional Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Services in Portage, IN

Investing in your pet’s dental health gives them a better quality of life—and potentially a longer life! Dental disease, while extremely common among adult dogs and cats, is completely preventable with daily or weekly at-home care, plus cat and dog teeth cleanings provided by our vet team in Portage.

At our animal hospital in Portage, IN, we can treat and prevent dental disease (and other related conditions) and help you preserve your pet’s clean, healthy smile.

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How We Perform Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Procedures

All pet teeth cleanings are performed with our patients under anesthesia. This allows our team to examine and clean the teeth and gums thoroughly, and treat any issues we find, such as oral masses, abscesses, and tooth decay.

We use ultrasonic scaling tools to remove all traces of tartar from the teeth above and below the gum line, and take digital dental X-rays to check for damage within the teeth and surrounding bone. Teeth that are decaying and/or broken and causing your pet pain can be extracted by our team.

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Pre-Anesthetic Protocols for a Safer Dental Procedure

To make every pet dental procedure as low-risk as possible for our patients, we use the following safety protocols.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

This diagnostic tool allows us to check cardiac function to make sure your pet is fit for anesthesia.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

CBC is included in all pre-anesthetic procedures. We can also do an electrolyte analysis, and check glucose, total protein, and liver and kidney function.

Comprehensive Plus Panel

This is available for pets ages 5 and up.

IV Catheter (included)

We administer IV fluids to maintain blood pressure and normal tissue perfusion of oxygen during the procedure.

Post-Op Care for Oral Masses and/or Extractions

Below are our protocols for treating oral masses and performing tooth extractions.


We administer antibiotics (and provide take-home oral medications if needed) to prevent infection.

Pain Relief

We provide pain medication to your pet during their procedure, and can also give you oral medication to take home.

Cerenia Injection

To reduce post-op nausea, we will give your pet a Cerenia injection.

Laser Therapy

We recommend laser therapy to reduce inflammation and pain, and help the incision heal.


If your pet needs a microchip, we can chip them during their dental procedure.

Providing Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning at Home in Portage, IN

For consistently healthy teeth and gums, we recommend brushing your pet’s teeth on a daily basis. This slows plaque buildup and prevents dental disease from occurring. In addition, daily brushing can reduce the number of professional teeth cleanings your pet needs throughout their life.

Be sure to use pet toothpaste only, as human toothpaste is unsafe for animal consumption. You can also supplement your pet’s dental care with a tartar control diet, vet-approved dental chews and treats, and more.

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